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All About Cabanas
Just the word cabana stirs up visions of gently rolling waves at a peaceful, seaside resort, but there are several different kinds of  structures that can be included in that one word.

Spa cabanas are larger structures that are generally used by resorts and hotels and placed near the pool and outdoor dining areas. These cabanas are usually colorful tent-like structures, often with curtains
that can be tied back to allow groups and individuals to lounge in the shade, or they can be pulled down to create private sanctuaries. Because of their flexibility and larger scale, these cabanas are often
found on the grounds of beautiful hotels and resorts, and are used to house outdoor functions like weddings, corporate functions, and other events. Also under the spa cabana category are the more solid, wooden structures that are designed to house home spas, whirlpools, and hot tubs. They usually incorporate sliding windows or shutters that can be closed against the weather or snooping neighbors.

Beach Cabanas are more individualized cabanas, which are usually found on the beaches or surrounding the pools of resort hotels and homes with private beaches or swimming areas. A beach cabana is usually composed of a chaise lounge with an arching canopy that shades the head of the chair. Of course not all beach cabanas are one-seaters since more romantic resorts often chose to provide beach cabanas that have two connected chair lounges nestled under one canopy.

Cabana chairs are the most versatile of the cabana family since they can be used for both simple seating, or for lounging. These cabanas can be found just about anywhere:  home, spa, resort, beach, or hotel and they usually look great no matter where they are. Most cabana chairs consist of a double-bench that seats two, and with adjustable hoods. The best part is that when you’re tired of sitting up, the compartment underneath each seat pulls out to reveal an upholstered stool, and the back of the bench reclines so you can stretch out and lounge comfortably.

No matter whether you are outfitting your new pool or spa area, or looking to design and decorate an entire resort, you’ll undoubtedly find a use for each kind of cabana.

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All About Cabanas

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